Quest for Perfection

Only six Shelby Cobra Daytona Competition Coupe race cars were built in 1964 and ’65. All six survive today and are worth millions f pounds each. For the first time ever, they were all gathered together, at the 2015 Goodwood Revival, and that event and the detailed race history of them was covered in Steve Havelock’s two-part feature in CA300 and 301 in 2016. Read more

This Car Matters!

By Sarah Mardenly -Mar 26, 2019

For those who love and appreciate the sight and sound of an incredible rare vintage race car, a car once known as the fastest in history “GT King of the Golden Era”, the stunning experience of the Cobra Daytona Coupe is not lost!

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1964 Daytona Coupe Recreation

Author: Bryan’s Wordd of Wheels Fellow gearheads, I have the absolute honor and pleasure of providing you with a story you will not believe! I have been authorized to share this absolutely fantastic story, and it is one that you simply must read. This is the amazing story of how a legendary Shelby was recreated. […]

FIA-Approved Daytona Coupes Created With Laser Accuracy

By Dean Larson Photos Courtesy of Mikael Tarne In the world of replicas and recreations, we talk all the time about the accuracy of tribute vehicles. There’s even a specific set of terms we use to refer to these types of cars, and they carry varying degrees of accuracy. From tribute, to recreation, and reproduction […]

Dieser US-Sportwagentraum ist „Made in NRW“

Von Fabian Hoberg Stand: 15.12.2018

Schon während seines Ingenieurstudiums schraubte Bastian Ebener nebenbei in einer Oldtimer-Werkstatt. Inzwischen hat er seinen eigenen Betrieb – und hat sich einen eigenen Shelby Daytona gebaut.

Diese Motorhaube, dieser Hüftschwung. Bastian Ebener kommt immer noch ins Schwärmen, wenn er das Daytona Coupé berührt. „Für mich ist es das schönste Rennauto überhaupt, ein Traumwagen“, sagt er. Nur leider viel zu selten und viel zu teuer. Read more

Back To The Future: Peter Brock Revives The Daytona Coupe


Convincing the discerning and traditionally minded team at Shelby was never going to be easy. Peter Brock, Carroll Shelby’s designer, had his work cut out for him when he proposed the new shape for what would become the Daytona in 1964. But, with the conviction of a man in possession of some real aerodynamic understanding, he vowed to shatter the conventions of the day.

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GERMANY – Fast on the heels of the historic agreement between Peter Brock and Shelby Legendary Cars to reproduce one of the most iconic race cars in history comes word out of Europe that supercar builders are pushing the envelope again with an exact 1964 Cobra Daytona Coupe recreation for enthusiats across the pond. Two companies, Daytona Coupe Aps/Denmark and AMMAS/Germany, now build FIA legit race cars that are authorized by Brock himslef.

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The first of six laser-perfect recreations of designer Peter Brock’s Le Mans winning Daytona Cobra Coupe – CSX2299 – broke cover on June 15 at the Nurburgring in Germany. It carries VIN # PBX 2299-01. Suddenly it’s 1965. Read more

Billionaire Racers Have An Option With FIA-Approved Daytona Coupes

 JUNE 09, 2018

Legendary car designer, race team owner and entrepreneur, Peter Brock, is producing exact resurrections of the iconic Shelby (Cobra) Daytona Coupes, so a whole new generation of fans can truly experience the period-correct sheer excellence of these cars — and in so doing, gives that full-on thrill at a fraction of the crazy-money value of the six originals. The first of these new-old Coupes, PBX2299-1, will debut at the Richard Mille Nürburgring Classic historic races, June 15-17, in Germany. Read more